January 25 2019 - 00:41

„Wild Waters“ -Southern Region, Iceland 💦 ‘Enjoy it because it’s happening.’ Pouring rain + crazy winds at a waterfall...That was the moment when we reached an 11 on a wetness-scale from 1-10. But hey at least we couldn’t get any wetter and after wiping my lens 1372 times I even managed to get one shot that wasn’t completely blurry 😄👌🏻 #missionaccomplished . . Note: this shot was entirely edited with one of my new winter presets. Go check them out if you haven't done so yet (link‘s in my bio) and don't forget to use the hashtag #mdpfeature for a chance to be featured. ✌🏻 Btw my new calendar 2019 is out now 📆