February 10 2019 - 21:08

Photos for things I have no words for. Eighty seven days ago I wrote down what I called my “extraordinary experiences list” - what did I want to see or accomplish by the end of this year that would make me feel deeply fulfilled? This was one of them. It has taken three weeks in or near the Arctic circle to finally see, I mean reallly realllly see the aurora. For two hours we watched electrons dance in the subzero Nordic sky while wolves howled in the distance. I love the idea of transcendence. That some experiences inherently give you such a feeling of unity and awe that you can’t explain them but can’t help but be changed by them. Nature does that for me and research seems to agree - even staring at a big tree for one minute increases generosity, sense of meaning, and decreases anxiety💛 I would love for you to go outside, northern lights or not. Find something that fills you with wonder and really see it. Share it with someone in your heart or right there beside you. It’s a two minute practice that’s brought a lot of happiness to my life :) - Photo by @samkolder ♥️ #northernlights #norway