February 11 2019 - 16:24

Close up on the madreporite of a Red starfish. This calcareous plaque located in the center of the aboral (dorsal) face is porous and allows the passage of water in the starfish, and thus the respiration. In addition, the water is conveyed in each arms by a channel and will serve to inflate the small "feet" (=podia) on the oral face. They will then act as small suction cups; allowing movement, fixation, capture of food particles and transit of them to the mouth. In the center of this plate, you can observe the anus, located just in front of the mouth (the digestion occurs in the arms). @uwphotosociety Animal: Red starfish (UK), Etoile de mer rouge (FR), Echinaster sepositus (LT) Material: Sony RX100 M2 in Meikon housing (camera), Sea&Sea YS-03 (strobe), Archon D36V (light), Inon UCL-165 (macro lens)