February 12 2019 - 20:16

I got distracted again. Mostly by Iceland, but generally by life (and also by the Mistborn series that I’m re-reading avidly and obsessively. @brandsanderson, you devil, you get me every single time). I meant to post several videos and photos during my week away. I really meant to share some of these moments with you. Somehow, I lost the reflex of even taking my phone with me - let alone thinking of opening Instagram. It’s not that I’m apologizing, more that I’m realizing that I have truly changed. Bear with me - I still don’t quite know how to navigate these new whims and my desire to stay a little bit connected here. You will still see the videos and photos; just know that I am planning on keeping allowing myself to get submerged in the now. We drove the whole ring road with my sister and her boyfriend, which was incredible. They’d never been to Iceland before and were looking forward to seeing our plot of land and more generally the country in which my husband and I are settling this year. We listened to music, we talked, we bathed in so many hot springs and baths, we played board games, we got stuck in the snow (twice in the same day) and had an amazing time. Returning to Brussels was very hard and I did my usual thing of burying myself in work instead of confronting my sadness. Things are looking up though, as I am now pretty sure it’s only going to be a few months before we definitely move. Such a bittersweet symphony, this life. . Photo taken last spring in Utah, just because I can’t share any of Iceland yet (hopefully developing them this month) . . #120film #sharefilm #mytinyatlas #observeexploreshare #saltflats #futurebalance #filmonly #classicsmagazine #starlightmagazine #portbox #tlpicks #minimalmood #gominimalmag #aerialphotography #visualvoicemag #myfeatureshoot #minimalobsession #oldtonecollective #kodak #dazedandexposed #yetmagazine #imaginarymagnitude #hippomag #fisheyelemag #shootfilmnotbullets #moyenformat #mediumformat #thisaintartschool