April 17 2019 - 21:38

Do you want same tips for travel photography? 📍 #santamarta #colombiangirl #salvadoreña ::: This is how We capture these moments with @kenanolivier: . 1.) Get Inspired: I screen shot and save pictures I want to recreate . 2.) Find Gear and Photographer: Find a remote clicker and a tripod or shot them with someone you feel confortable and that has a lot of patience . 3.) Keep Shooting: Try different ways to put your hands, feet, and head. keep shooting until You see something You like . 4.) Be Yourself: The Pics you saved are just for inspiration and yours don’t have to be identical. Enjoy being yourself and the location ::: Get inspired and try these poses in your next trip to the beach 🏝 Use #travelodyssey so I can feature my favorites 😘❤️ ::: The best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do!