April 21 2019 - 19:21

It's been more than a month I'm back in Italy now. And I'm missing South American more than ever. I miss the different rhythm, the chance to meet millions of new people every day, and why not, I miss the feeling of being the different one, the foreigner. I miss the bright and wide skies, the different color of lights at sunrise and sunset. I miss the bunch of great friend I met there. And I miss the challenge of being fully alone. As I was on my motorbike trip to Ushuaia. As I was here, in the most beautiful thing I've seen in my 7 months I spent there this time. #latinvibes #argentina #peritomoreno #glacier #adventure #motorbiketrip #advbiker #roadtoushuaia #wanderfolk #southamericanlife #mochilero #backpackerlife #freetoride