May 25 2019 - 18:44

Dunseverick Castle: Said to be the site where St. Patrick baptized Olcán, who went on to become the bishop of Ireland in the 5th century AD. Passing through Fergus the Great and the O’Cahan family, the castle was destroyed in the 1600’s, with only the ruins of the gatelodge remaining. What is also fun is we found this completely by mistake by just driving around the countryside...at 11pm. Pretty cool as it looks like nautical twilight prior to sunrise. This castle ruins sits on a peninsula of sorts high above the sea. Fun fact, this part of Ireland is so far north that it doesn’t get fully dark at night this time of year. • • • • #ireland #irelandtravel #igersireland #thenorth #northernireland #dunseverick #castle #ruins #irishcastle #nightphotography #nightscaper #ig_ireland #castles_oftheworld