June 13 2019 - 11:01

#repost @3secondrule3sr ・・・ Always an honour witnessing former students becoming 3SR Pro Coaches. 🙏🏼💎⭐️ Fun on this 5 day Soevisl Event & Coach ‘Accelerator’ Camp to take time out and have fun as men BEYOND Pickup. . Discovery being an ex 10 yr Army Training Instructor has constant Challenges and fun exercises to do in between Pickup/Attraction talks. It really keeps the guys happy and lifted, even if for many a Bootcamp is a daunting experience with 10X more approaches than they’ve done in their entire lives. . Lot of New Conversational Wizardry exercises incorporated into this longer 5 day camp. Learning how to be the Flame 🔥with NO Routines. . 🏆AWARDED🏆 @papa3sr - Pro Coach Module (1 of 4 parts to qualify as Pro 3SR Coach) 🙌🏼 Tony (Doc3SR) full 3SR Pro Coach 🙌🏼 @rickdutch3sr awarded the rare and very prestigious ‘Ambassador and SENIOR Coach award. 🙌🏼💥 . Arnie Blue 3SR