August 11 2019 - 01:53

Deepening our partnerships within China. Pleasure to spend time with my new partner, Dr. Chanchai, Chairman and founder of Reignwood Group, who acquired majority stake in @vossworld in 2016. The Chairman was accompanied by VP of Reignwood Group, Mrs Please Yan and the company’s senior leadership team. As the new kid on the block who recently acquired stake in @vossworld, my temperament is with humility and eagerness to understand our needs for growth within the Chinese market, while participating in China's conversations towards sustainability for a country with close to 1.5 billion residents. Thank you, Dr Chanchai for our time together in Beijing. We look forward to the partnership and accomplishing our goals. Progress thru Humanity. #reignwoodgroup #sevenbucksenterprises #voss #china 🇨🇳