September 07 2019 - 06:07

; ottolenghi - loyle carner _ You live your life in moments, the simple ones. A touch of moon, sun, and stars - things you could never forget the feeling of. You'll walk on the ocean shore, water rushing to your feet and it's cold as ever at first but warms up after a while. You live your life in moments, the quickest ones. You'll feel a wind, the softness of grass and leaves, and you'll see flower petals rush past your cheeks into that warm pastel coloured sky, something straight out of a shinkai film. You live your life in moments, cherishing them as if you'll never meet them again. You'll find the blue from a forget-me-not stained on your hands for holding it too tight. And If I'm just one of these moments in your beautiful life, I just hope that you don't forget the colours I left behind.