September 11 2019 - 17:39

Photos by Pete Muller @pete_k_muller | I rent a basic cottage at the river’s edge where the sounds of the Mathioya are always present. I follow John Ngaii Moses, a nimble man who, at the age of 57, moves across wet stones with a grace and confidence of someone younger. His life began at a time when the valley’s beauty was tainted by conflict and injustice. John was born in an internment camp above the river in the village of Kamuturi in 1961, during a period of “emergency law,” when British colonists interned tens of thousands of Kenyans as they sought to suppress an armed movement for independence. The story of his birth reminds me, as other situations have, that men can enact violence and cruelty even in the most serene of places. In the coming days I’m sharing photos and excerpts of an essay that appears in the August issue of @natgeo magazine. I travel a lot and people often ask about my favorite place. Without equivocation, it is the lush highlands of central Kenya. There is no place closer to my heart. Follow me @pete_k_muller for more observations of our world. #kenya #flyfishing #fishing #africa