September 28 2019 - 01:39

Lotta love, admiration and respect shared amongst this motley crew. Almost 10yrs ago myself and the @therussobrothers we’re developing a cool project to work on. We were hungry to not just “play in the game” but we wanted to change the way the game was played. Our project never got off the ground, but we vowed to root each other on and eventually come back to work together. Almost a decade later, Joe & Anthony Russo become the biggest, most bad ass directors in Hollywood - completely changing the way the game is played and disrupting Hollywood’s blueprint to raise the bar and entertain audiences and families around the world. The bald, brown, tattooed dude in middle has done alright for himself too 😊 Cheers, my brothers to vision, building out universes and always being the hardest workers in the room - with a smile. I look forward to our turn at bat and see you down the road 🥃 #russobros #sevenbucks #buildstuff