October 09 2019 - 09:40

Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | I'm mesmerized by the emerald waters of high-altitude Tibetan lakes, like this nameless one on route G317 to Lhasa. They're so striking in contrast to the surrounding monochromatic grasslands. These lakes, often made of saltwater, have a mineral content that gives them a green glow. People believe the lakes have spirits and therefore are worshiped by kora, a pilgrimage or circumambulation. The water is not used for anything, no fishing, bathing, boating, or washing—just looked at and admired. And thanks to the lone nomad who happened to be walking by to complete the picture. I wonder where she could be walking in the middle of nowhere. She has a long way to go. #tibet #tibetancolors #tibetanlakes #nomad