October 10 2019 - 22:34

This week I reached 500 subscribers on YouTube! It may not be much for many, but or me this is a HUGE milestone for my little channel. 😭 9 months ago I decided to start a YouTube without any idea on what to expect. Since then, I have been on awesome shows LIVE with amazing people such as @comicswithbueller @thecomiccorps1 @cwoodard19 @johnscomicswith @whitewhalecomics @drumanchu The GREAT LEGEND @rdowdy95 @comicsmisexplained @katrenfigures @bear.island.comics @tacomacomics @metaspeculation @dirty_epic @fireguyryan @sasquatch210 @thanatos_comics @theboywhohad7_talks_comicbooks Such freaking awesome people that are part of the #youtubecomiccommunity and that I am so happy to have met and joined on their shows. Each and everyone puts out great content weekly and the time and effort they put towards their channels is not to be overlooked. @fushaonly @solgr_only @perry_comics @comic.jabroni @comichead84 @imortalbiggieshaq @stay_puff_1983 @just_a_rican_and_his_comics @carlitoclassico @jeffreykomikhan @comicbooksnyc @berkfamily54comics and so so so many more!! Also huge shoutout to @discoverybaycomics for making sure all of the info for the day is out there each and every morning. Love what you all are doing out there! Each and every video takes hard work, dedication, and so much time. Believe me I KNOW! The hours spent filming and editing are no joke. So follow and subscribe to these amazing channels if you haven't already and follow my comic channel for reviews, unboxing, and all things comics! ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ #youtube #youtuber #igcomicfamily #igcomiccommunity #igcomicfam #comicbooks #selfie #comics #youtubechannel #shoutout #family